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2016 Smit-Lowenfeld Prize awarded to article focused on Latin American investment arbitration

ALVARO J. PERALTA, WHITE & CASE. The International Arbitration Club of New York (IACNY) has announced that Catharine Titi will receive the 2016 Smit-Lowenfeld Prize for best article in the field of international arbitration published in 2014. Her article, titled “Investment Arbitration in Latin America: The Uncertain Veracity of Preconceived Ideas,” was published in Arbitration International, Volume 30, Issue 2. Read More

Latin America

¿“Se Acabó El Arbitraje” En América Latina? La Evolución Del Arbitraje En El Perú Y En América Latina

JONATHAN C. HAMILTON, WHITE & CASE. 1. La evolución del arbitraje en América Latina. A. La Doctrina Calvo. B. El cambio en el marco jurídico aplicable. 2. ¿El regreso de la doctrina Calvo? A. La actitud de los Estados frente al arbitraje de inversión. B. El Poder Judicial y el arbitraje comercial: reacción o aceptación. 3. La evolución del arbitraje en el Perú. 4. Conclusión. Read More


Amendments to the Brazilian Arbitration Law

ANA CAROLINA BENETI, SOUZA, CESCON, BARRIEU & FLESCH ADVOGADOS, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL. Changes to the Brazilian Arbitration Law have been approved. The proposed changes consolidate practices and orientations already in use in arbitration in Brazil. Read More

Oil and Gas Investment Disputes in Latin America

JONATHAN C. HAMILTON & MICHELLE GRANDO, WHITE & CASE. Natural resources have been marked by waves of investment disputes in Latin America, including at least thirty cases involving the oil and gas sector in Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela alone - a significant percentage of the total investment disputes in the region since the ratification of investment treaties. This article surveys the waves of cases related to those three countries. Read More


Brazil enacts new rules for confirmation of foreign arbitral awards

MICHELLE GRANDO, WHITE & CASE. On 17 December 2014, the Brazilian Superior Tribunal of Justice (“STJ”) enacted Amendment No. 18 to its Internal Regulations, establishing new rules for the confirmation (homologação) of foreign decisions, including court judgments and arbitral awards. Read More


Ecuador Treaties and International Ramifications

JONATHAN C. HAMILTON, FRANCISCO X. JIJON, WHITE & CASE. Will Ecuador abandon investment protections under treaty and revert to the Calvo Doctrine? That is one of the alternatives being considered by a commission tasked with evaluating the Republic's bilateral investment treaty ("BIT") framework. Read More


Brazil Arbitral Institution Teams with the PCA

MICHELLE GRANDO, WHITE & CASE. The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and the arbitration and mediation center of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC) signed a cooperation agreement on 15 September 2014 with the purpose of strengthening ties between the two institutions. Read More

Latin America

The Intersection of International Investment and Trade

JONATHAN C. HAMILTON, CHARLES B. ROSENBERG, WHITE & CASE. International dispute systems adopted two decades ago have emerged over time as central components of legal, political, and economic development in Latin America. Two distinct systems – international investment and trade – have proven to be increasingly interrelated. Read More


Solving Complex Problems: Crisis Management, Complex Negotiations and the New Quito International Airport

JONATHAN C. HAMILTON. How did one of the most complex disputes in recent Latin American history become a Deal of the Year and award-winning airport? The new Quito International Airport in Ecuador was named the Best Airport in South America. Just a few years ago, the mega-project faced disputes, treaty denunciation and arbitration. The outcome reveals some critical elements and best practices for crisis management and complex negotiations. The resolution of the related case before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) at the World Bank involved the successful conclusion of numerous rounds of negotiations in the face of simultaneous expropriation and treaty denunciation. It is the anatomy of a deal: expropriation, denunciation, arbitration, negotiation and resolution of the Quito International Airport Project. Read More

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